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Welcome September

Like a flash to me and I know to many also, we are already in the ninth month of the year 2020. Looking at all that has happened, this year came with a loud bang of surprise that no one saw coming. Covid 19 came and changed so many usuals and normals. Forced on us the need to learn many new ways of living and gave us new normals.

So many of us started the year with many dreams, aspirations, goals and targets with timelines and enthusiasm; then came the pandemic that suddenly slowed and in some cases shut everything down. As it seems now many are finding it difficult getting grips on their plans and time is going since the “ember” months are already here.

Have you noticed how easy it is to see what isn’t working and complain about them. Unfortunately some times we do it unconsciously. It’s so easy to get into discussions of how terribly this year has dealt with businesses, lost of jobs and salary slashes, students not in school and all the stress of homeschooling and online learning, the economy not doing well, bad leadership and you can go on and on with all the difficulties of this period.

We tend to forget easily and a lot of times neglect to acknowledge the things that are working in and around us. Look around, you will see so many things to apappreciate and be grateful for. Putting pen to paper or a moment of deep reflection may help you figure out how much you have gained since this year began and be thankful for all.

You may have lost opportunities, jobs, monies, loved one(s)… but think again. You have life,good health, sound mind, family, roof over your head, new skill(s), became more conscious with your hygiene, even to the little garden you started during the lockdown, look at how well the vegitables yeilded and how it has helped you this period, new business idea, you had more time with your spouse and children, been more involved in your children’s learning, your daughter took her baby steps, your son lose and grew new teeth, no family emergencies… There is so much to be grateful for when you take time to think.

Welcome to the September, the ninth month of the year. God who didn’t leave you since the year began is still God. Do not let whatever circumstances you may be going through today make you bow your head. Look up, there is hope. Four months is too much for God to change any story. Just trust Him and keep hope alive. Remain focused, step out in faith, keep a cheerful countenance and maintain an attitude of a winner. Things will fall in line. Just believe!

Happy September!!!

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2020

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