Wow!!! I am officially a blogger. Yeah!!!
So happy we are here now. I have always wanted to do this but couldn’t get myself to do it. But here we are finally. I defeated procrastination. Oh yes I did.  Indeed the company you keep matters. A friend once asked me a sincere question and meant no offence which I haven’t stopped thinking about ‘are you a knowledge soak away?’. You seek for much but share very little.
I have written in bits and patches. Lost some, misplaced some, discarded some, kept some and shared a few. Some of the times I have written, it did not make sense to me, some other times I did not even believe I could write such but a lot of times I actually wrote to myself first. But In all I have learnt to believe in myself and my ability and work more on getting better every day. Sometimes in life, the steps we make create paths. The inscriptions we make lives forever. Inscriptions don’t fade… they are like stars that grace the galaxy.
Permit me to welcome you specially to this platform ‘STARINSCRIPTIONS’. Here we promise to give you the best of inspirational and motivational stories, poems, quotes and write-ups that will spur you to be the best. We also promise that you would not have a dull moment here. Trust me this is a place to always be.
So help us Lord

Stella Obokoh
Photo credit: Avio grahics

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Congratulations, indeed you are a great writer. Just entered here today and it has been captivating. More grace in Jesus name.

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