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What are you doing?

2021 is already up and running and like the old saying goes, “time waits for no man”. For everyone who said “I will do it in 2021”, this is week two already. Have you started or you are “waiting for the year to take shape” like some would say.

You know there were many excusable excuses last year. Atleast the pandemic was a genuine excuse many gave for not doing all they wanted to do. But then, there would always be excuses for not doing what you want to do as long as you do not do it. But the story is and would be different this year.

Its Week 2, have you started executing, do you even have a plan, do you have it documented, any targets, strategies or “its is in the hands of God”?

What ever you do, please I plead with you, do not run your life on autopilot this year; be intentional. A friend of mine would say this though funny😀; “God will not butter your bare palm, it is the bread in your palm He will butter.” What do you have in your hands to present before God? It is what is in your hands He will bless not what is in your wishful imagination.

It’s amazing how time flies, before you know it, first quarter is gone, then mid year and then another year rolls by and age keeps increasing. There are things that you can best do now and at this age. You do not have to look back at the end of 2021 and regret you didn’t take steps or actions you were suppose to take. Don’t be the one who will tell stories of regrets and lost opportunities. The best time to kill procrastination is now and the best way to kill it is to start acting on your plans.

The year is still very nascent only 7days gone. The 8th day is running and 357 days to go. It is in our hands to make of it what we want. God has given us all that pertains to life. God will not come down from heaven to do for you what you are supposed to do for yourself.

Today is Friday and TGIF💃. Take time to be with yourself and deliberate on what you want to see and achieve this year and how you intend to achieve them; that is if you have not. When you know where you are headed, “anywhere” won’t be a destination. Be deliberate and focused. 2021 will do us good.

Have a fabulous weekend!💜

©️ Stella Obokoh 2021

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