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What are you Saying

Assuming all you said today were to be served to you as your meal, would you be glad to eat it? If you were told that all you said to yourself today is your food for tomorrow would you have had a rethink?

Words are powerful. The words you speak are seeds sown that would yield and you will reap from.
Words are investments. What are you investing in your spouse, children, staff…? What you call them, they become to you. If you want to be replied nicely, then speak nicely. You can calm a storm or stir up one with your words. Be careful what you say in any situation.

What you say to yourself everyday is a show of how much you know and believe in yourself. Your daily declarations over your life would soon becomes your realities. Words are potent. What you keep saying, you become. Hope you like you yield when it comes.

©️Stella C. Obokoh 2020

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