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What does listening to good music do to you?

Hello  Ladies;
How are you doing?

I like music, I like good music.  I like it when its melodious but moreso, I like it when the lyrics are very clear and meaningful. This is simply what good music means to me.

I can have music play 24hrs and I am fine.  When I like a song or the singer or the lyrics is  ministering to a situation in my life at that moment, I can play that song all day.

Music to me is a happy pill, highly therapeuticical, soul lifting and an atmosphere controller.

I listen to circular music but I listen to gospel music more. As the melody catches me, I go straight for the lyrics.

If you want me to spend more time in the place of prayer, just let the music play. I have experienced God’s power through worship in songs.

What is you music experience ?

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