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What’s your weekend plan?

Its Friday 💃. The weekend is here and the old saying goes “Thank God it’s Friday”.

I once had an impromptu invitation to an event and because the invitee was dear to me and considering the situation that brought about the party, I just had to attend.

I went with a friend who had another friend who joined us. This friend of her’s was invited to the party when we were almost on our way. I asked my friend when she was putting a call across to her if it wasnt too late. Her answer was ” abeg leave this my friend, she like party and na weekend”😳

True to her words, her friend was almost ready when we got to her house. This friend wasn’t in any way related the celebrant as to say her reason for shoving all her plans to attend.

When she came into the car, she said “I bin wan go market, then cook. Na cloth I dey wash wen ur call enter.” So she abandoned her plans and followed us.

What’s your plan for your weekend? When you don’t plan your day, you fit into everybody’s plan. Other people will help you run your day – weekends inclusive.

Make your weekend precious; so that when you share a part of it with anybody they value it. You shouldn’t be everybody’s weekend go-to unless it is a service you render. You mustn’t be a sure guest at every event unless it’s a business. Don’t give people the impression that you are a phone call away to their needs unless it puts food on your table.

You need your time too for yourself. Plan your weekend same way you plan your weekdays; even if all you you have on your plan is to sleep. Have a will power to stick to your plans and bend only when it is very necessary.

Today is Friday, Monday isn’t far away.

Have a lovely weekend.

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