Everyone is searching for answers
Solutions to the puzzles and riddles
Life throws daily
Stemming from the realities
Of living
Stepping out everyday
Brings us face to face 
With this truth
That everyone has a question
Everyone is searching for an answer
Those gleaming teeth
At your appearance
Every day you show up
Doing your bits
Those breath of relieve
Every time you stretched your hands
Those smiles of happiness
Every moment you delivered
Those sincere words of appreciation
Every time you responded
Those brightened faces
Every minute you gave hope
Those needs you met
Became solutions
You became an answer
You became a life saver
You became a game changer
As the firmament illuminates
Step out devotedly
Deliberately and dutifully
Giving life your best shots
Knowing you are
An answer
To life questions everyday
Good morning
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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