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There is a city
Where many are bathed in procrastination Creamed in laziness 
Clothed in idleness

Many roaming aimlessly Many unaccomplished dreams Business ideas not explored Opportunities not utilized

It's a city built on the foundation of self belittlement Walled with all forms of negativity Guarded by wrong company Governed by mediocres Celebrated by fools
It's time to relocate
It's time to move to the city called 'hard work ' Where real people live Where diligence is key Prudence is rewarding Where people are willing to take steps Take their chances Accept their mistakes Learn always Invest wisely and Make impact from their corners
Look at the lives of those who live there Look at their stories of regrets Learn from them Make plans in your day season So you do not end in regrets at your night season Live and work your dream

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Just before you build that fence Look around you Someone needs you Someone needs your kind gesture Someone needs your smile Someone needs you to survive Someone needs you to feed Someone needs a shelter
Look around you Someone needs you to play Someone needs your assurance Someone needs a mentor Someone needs you as his role model Someone needs your tutelage
Look around you Someone needs you home Someone needs your warmth Someone needs your embrace Someone needs your affirmation Someone needs your care Someone needs your protection Someone needs you to stand Someone needs your advice Someone needs you to be strong Someone needs you alive
Look around again Humanity needs you to make an impact Show some act of love Show some act of kindness Show empathy No act of love is too small to give No act of kindness is insignificant Help someone smile again Help that one person live again Be a part someone's success story You will see it come back to you Touch one life today
A life truly lived is one marked wit…


There is a child An innocent child Vulnerable to all Societal vices Vulnerable to molestations and abuses In need of a decent shelter In need of a healthy meal In need of clean water In need of decent wears In need of education Just in need of basics Give a child hope Give a child smile Help a child smile Let a child smile Make this world a better place for one child
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


For the privilege of having you For putting smiles on our faces For giving us reason  to celebrate For making our homes lively We say thank you
For coloring our walls For reorganizing our furniture For putting your toys in every part of our homes For making us look for the remotes We are grateful
For misplacing a pair of your slippers Your sandals Your canvas Your shoes Especially your socks when it's fast needed We say thank you
For bringing home those serious homeworks For doing them And for the times you forgot to do them For making us buy pen, pencil and eraser on regular basis You are still our best
For breaking our dishes For emptying the cutlery basket For forgetting your water bottles Also your food flasks Even your sweaters at school We still love you
For eating your food And picking on some For eating your fruits and veggies (even when you didn't want to) For wanting snacks over food And canned drink over water You are our very best
For giving us reasons to hail For making us cheer For making us run Fo…


Everyone is doing it, saying it, wearing it and using it The 'Everyone Syndrome' Little by little eats you up
You are comfortable being that You do not want to be labeled different So how far can you go with this Walking in other people's shadow Living other people's lives Not daring to be you Not thinking yourself
You have guarded yourself with excuses, not looked beyond the spot You are too scared to take your own step There is no comfort in being who you are not There is no fulfilment in it.
Can you be different? Yes Can you find your purpose? Yes Can you be an outlier? Yes Can you standout? Yes Can you be innovative? Yes Can you be yourself? Yes
When you chose to tell yourself the truth Then you begin to step into who You are meant to be Dare to be You I Rep #teambeyourself
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


The waters are dried up The fields deserted and abandoned The grounds lay fallow The oasis are disappearing All greens gone Even the dancing trees are not left out Brown and shredded Dead and dry The harmattan wind hazy, dusty and sandy The  beautiful sun blazing and scorching
A season of struggles Challenges looking insurmountable Circumstances making you want to doubt what you believe No one believing in you anymore Loved ones shielding away Like left alone in a desert Like left alone in tunnel
Hope alive Dreams alive So glad it's a phase So glad it's a season So glad it will pass Oh so thirsty for the rain drops
Then it came Wow! It's here now The blue and white cloud giving way for the darker The lightening accompanied with mild thunders Then the drops The rain drops Then the showers I am whistling 'the dry season is over'
Wetting the horizon Brings us freshness The field so ready to give us food The field is busy Everyone getting t…


Wow!!! I am officially a blogger. Yeah!!! So happy we are here now. I have always wanted to do this but couldn't get myself to do it. But here we are finally. I defeated procrastination. Oh yes I did.  Indeed the company you keep matters. A friend once asked me a sincere question and meant no offence which I haven't stopped thinking about ‘are you a knowledge soak away?’. You seek for much but share very little. I have written in bits and patches. Lost some, misplaced some, discarded some, kept some and shared a few. Some of the times I have written, it did not make sense to me, some other times I did not even believe I could write such but a lot of times I actually wrote to myself first. But In all I have learnt to believe in myself and my ability and work more on getting better every day. Sometimes in life, the steps we make create paths. The inscriptions we make lives forever. Inscriptions don't fade... they are like stars that grace the galaxy. Permit me to welcome you sp…


Night falls Everyone settling into it Then came the terrific A bang! A loud bang at the entrance What could it be Who could it be Not again Thought this was sorted out last time
Then the door came down Where do I hide this time Searching round in fear for a safe place
Where I could fold and tuck away
From the preying eyes of my terror
Totally terrified Shivering like one abandoned in the cold My eyes completely shut
With me muttering my silent prayers Not understanding why it should be me again
Pounding steps coming closer and closer Then  horrible hoarse voice thundering 'Come out now or...'
Oh me, what do I do
Chill running down my spine They know I am here What's my escape now Fear having a good meal on me Plead for mercy Or come out and face my fears Or remain here and let it ravage me for as long as forever Battle of the mind! Whether bravely or cowardly I have to make a move I have to decide Either to be defeated again or face these devils
Looking straight into the dark of the room To see who …


My name is Stella Obokoh, I am a wife, mother, writer, educationist and an entrepreneur.Inspiring people through creating pictures in their imaginations makes life good for me. Helping people see light and positivity in every situation is great meal. Seeing people realise and believe in their abilities makes me have a good sleep. I love teaching, I love children so dearly, they are my 'berry berry' anytime and I enjoy being a team player. Starinscriptions is born out of a heart to reach many through creative writings (poems, stories, quotes and writeups) that will be soothing and getting others to do same.


I got into this beautiful jewelry shop and I was lost in admiration of the glistering  jewelries displayed on the glass shelves. While I kept asking for the prices of almost all that caught my attention, I noticed that inasmuch as the shelves were not so close to customer's reach, they were still safeguarded with locks. Finally, I settled for a set  though the price almost made me go for something less, but then my mind was made up to buy something good for myself.  After all, I was gifting Me for hard-work. So I paid. The attendant with a smile quickly packaged my new jewelries in an attractive branded box that also looked beautiful but was gotten from a stack of mini boxes neatly kept in a corner of the shop. Then I said to myself, this can also be applied to living. The jewelries and the boxes are both items in the shop. One is tightly secured because of its worth. The other was also safeguarded for proper stock taking and they all looked good from a distance. Lesson learnt, ha…


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