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Night falls
Everyone settling into it
Then came the terrific
A bang!
A loud bang at the entrance
What could it be
Who could it be
Not again
Thought this was sorted out last time

Then the door came down
Where do I hide this time
Searching round in fear for a safe place
Where I could fold and tuck away
From the preying eyes of my terror

Totally terrified
Shivering like one abandoned in the cold
My eyes completely shut
With me muttering my silent prayers
Not understanding why it should be me again

Pounding steps coming closer and closer
Then  horrible hoarse voice thundering
'Come out now or...'

Oh me, what do I do
Chill running down my spine
They know I am here
What's my escape now
Fear having a good meal on me
Plead for mercy
Or come out and face my fears
Or remain here and let it ravage me for as long as forever
Battle of the mind!
Whether bravely or cowardly I have to make a move
I have to decide
Either to be defeated again or face these devils

Looking straight into the dark of the room
To see who and what they were this time
Ready to face them
Suddenly like a burst came courage
In a rush came strength
Now determined to defeat

Who are you and what do want
Voice not quavering
Voice not stuttering
At my utterance they stumbled away
I saw them flee with speed like flash 

Oh I won!
I won my fears
I won by braving up and facing it
Then came the morning and the light of the day

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

Photo credit: Avio graphics 


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My name is Stella Obokoh, I am a wife, mother, writer, educationist and an entrepreneur.Inspiring people through creating pictures in their imaginations makes life good for me. Helping people see light and positivity in every situation is great meal. Seeing people realise and believe in their abilities makes me have a good sleep. I love teaching, I love children so dearly, they are my 'berry berry' anytime and I enjoy being a team player. Starinscriptions is born out of a heart to reach many through creative writings (poems, stories, quotes and writeups) that will be soothing and getting others to do same.