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Who shelters in silence and lets the world judge on what they think it was?
Who pampers a wound instead of letting it heal?
Who remains in grief over a spilled milk instead of looking for a solution?
Who remains distraught over a broken bottle instead of trashing the mess and moving on?

I chose to drop a baggage that won’t let be
I tried not to carry it but couldn’t
I tried to walk away from it but people who knew me would always remind me it was mine
I tried to talk less of it but they wouldn’t stop referring to it
So I felt I was stuck with it
I was trapped with it

Everywhere I went, I felt everyone knew my story
Every look looked suspicious
I weighed every pleasantry thinking it would lead to it
In a bid to stay off being reminded I avoided my oldies
Cried all night every time I thought of it
Couldn’t get over blaming myself
Placed myself on a ‘sob diet’
This baggage plagued me

But come to think of it
Was I the only one who had such past?
Was I the only one who couldn’t get off it?
Sobbing in my closet didn’t get anything sorted out
It didn’t change the sticker
I felt I couldn’t
I felt it was tattooed on me
I felt everyone saw my misery
Help! Help!! Help!!!
I cried to myself
But couldn’t get over it
Is anyone in this like me?
I had always wondered

Then came my help
Step out
Let loose
And drop it
I heard it clearly
Those words were for me
Speak out and be free
Speak up and be free
Speak now and be free
Someone needs to know
Someone needs your story
Someone is willing to listen
Someone is willing to help
Don’t die in silence

Oh I wasn’t the only one who has been through this
I was just dying in pain and shame
While Help stretched out its hands
While it watched and wished I grabbed it
Thank goodness I did
I spoke out
I dropped it
I got help
And I walk away with my head up
Ready to do my things
Ready to live my dream

Don’t die in silence
Speak out and be free
Seek for counsel
Seek for help from a professional
Don’t let your past destroy you

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


  1. Nice piece and packed with insight; "please ooo speak out and be free". There's no solution in darkness. But light makes things clearer and you can face it head long.


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All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


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All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018