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Who shelters in silence and lets the world judge on what they think it was? Who pampers a wound instead of letting it heal? Who remains in grief over a spilled milk instead of looking for a solution? Who remains distraught over a broken bottle instead of trashing the mess and moving on? I chose Continue Reading

ONE By Shawnee Kellie

One word can spark a moment,One flower can wake the dream;One tree can start a forest,One bird can herald Spring. One smile can bring a friendship,One handclasp can lift a soul;One star can guide a ship at sea,One cheer can obtain a goal. One vote can change a Nation,One sunbeam can lift a room;One candle Continue Reading


Which are you to me? Friend or  foe! Let me know before I spill Let me know before I relax Let me know before I let my hair down Friends are real to themselves Available for each other Care for each other Not out to find faults Watch each other’s back Tell each other the Continue Reading


Lighten up Laugh You need a good laugh Laugh is healing Indeed laughter is medicine A good laugh at those pressures Brings relief Makes me laugh And laugh again Wow!!! It is so contagious When we laugh it out I laughed Now everyone is laughing I feel better now Laughing it away Life is simple Continue Reading


The brilliance of the day Waking us to a beautiful morning Waking us to a great day Waking us to a new beginning Waking us to Great things Be inspired today Be inspired to do things right Be inspired to go the miles Be inspired to discover more Be inspired to start again Be inspired Continue Reading


I found joy I knew I found joy Joy beyond the ordinary Joy beyond what eyes can see Like waters it flows Like bubbles I can feel it It flows from my inside Glowing on my outside I cannot deny it The impact is so strong It keeps me singing It gets me dancing  It Continue Reading


Words are powerful Words are seeds Watch what you sow Be careful what you say How you say it, When you say it  Who you say it to Think before you speak Weigh before you utter Ponder before you spew Once spoken  it is out Hope you like your harvest when it comes All Rights Continue Reading


Those magical words Few but potent Little but profound Simple but lovely   Magical enough to roll away anger Graced enough to quench a rage Deep enough to calm a storm Strong enough to clear a barrier Powerful enough to crush a mountain Those magical words that gives hope to the hopeless That brings calmness Continue Reading