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Away from the horn blares😒 Away from the rowdy runs And the rat race And the heart rending routines And the Strength sapping schedules To a place of rest And relaxation Loosen up Laugh it out Lighten up Have much fun Get refreshed And revived For Monday is real😂 TGIF!!!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Innocent hearts Exposed to piercing pains Pure hearts Dented with spots of senseless torments 
In the center of your bid To prove a point To be self-right all the time Acclaimed winner of the fights Is that innocent child Wrapped in the tornado Of your unending disputes Incessant banging barrels  Ceaseless fury and fights
Years gone Time past The tornado still spins  The sound  bangs on The memories remain In their heads forever
Keep the children off you mess
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Seasons come and go Life shows up  In seasons and stages No one remains same Think of it The cutie little child Once cuddled and cradled Guarded and guided The budding beauty Now grown Grown into a lovely looking young chap Trying to discover what life is And all the hullabaloos it brings To an all grown and glowing Emerging, energetic embodiment Having the strength of ten in one Ready to conquer and win Jumping hurdles Breaking barriers Then to that middle age minder Building a legacy Rented by the responsibilities to fend for Pushing so hard for relevance Then the gray hairs shows up Accompanied with wrinkles And diminishing strength Memories of the days of vigor  And vibrance The days of opportunities used And opportunities lost Then the sun begins to set Then fizzles  And fades away Seasons of life... All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Woke up that beautiful morning Mama’s voice kept ringing As she would always drop in bits Her advice
In your journey of life Take note of these lessons My beloved child It will always come handy
Know that you have greatness on your inside You have all it takes in life All you need to succeed is in you All you would ever be depends on you
You are unique You are good enough Divinely programmed for a purpose Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise
Never give up on yourself Never give upon your dreams Never belittle your ability Never demean you capacity
Life will always throw challenges at you It is very normal Be resilient Remain focused
Think and think There is power in thoughts Paint mental pictures Be creative


Comparison the game of fools
What is your aim When you go robbing it On a fellow's face The strength of another
What is your gain When you talking down One’s progress For another’s achievement
What is your purpose When you go rubbishing A person’s hard work For another’s product
What is your goal When you go demeaning Your distinct qualities For another’s uniqueness
What does it add to you When you kill  Your own joy For another’s happiness
No same persons anywhere No same achievers anywhere No same preference anywhere No same timing anywhere Everyone on a mission
Comparison is but the game of fools
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

HELPLESSNESS By Stephanie E. Ofeoshi

Introducing to you our esteemed readers is Stephanie E. Ofeoshi. Stephanie is a 14 years old girl who loves writing, she is ready to use her pen greatly. She also likes reading inspirational books. Isn't that amazing seeing a young girl who is already enthusiastic about the power of her pen.  Kindly drop a comment to encourage Young Stephanie to do more after you have read her poem.

Now Our Vision Infested by corruption Parricide, robber aim Loss are our gain
What are the peoples’ gain Alive dead are our future Oh happiness! Our beings end and aim Down by wickedness culture More work less gain
Thus, hope has left our sides Blathering flint, battered with clanging hoof Are our visions and destiny The arms and flesh has failed
Our beauty has been slain We smiled, cried and wailed Who will save us from this disdain? Help and kindness have cried The enemy has prevailed and shall prevail Until we turn to our creator.
All Rights Reserved © Stephanie E. Ofeoshi  2018