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Woke up that beautiful morning
Mama’s voice kept ringing
As she would always drop in bits
Her advice

In your journey of life
Take note of these lessons
My beloved child
It will always come handy

Know that you have greatness on your inside
You have all it takes in life
All you need to succeed is in you
All you would ever be depends on you

You are unique
You are good enough
Divinely programmed for a purpose
Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise

Never give up on yourself
Never give upon your dreams
Never belittle your ability
Never demean you capacity

Life will always throw challenges at you
It is very normal
Be resilient
Remain focused

Think and think
There is power in thoughts
Paint mental pictures
Be creative

Never ignore the power of ink on paper
Knowledge is power
Read, read and read
Write, record and store

Never say you don’t need it
Learn always
Learn from everything
Have an open mind to knowledge

Work hard
Work is good for living
Earn your living

Watch what you say
Words are potent
Words are seeds
Words are powerful

Never say ‘impossible’
Never say ‘I cannot’
Never say ‘not achievable’
They are not good words for your dreams

People may say what they like
It is their opinion
You know who you are
And whose you are

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Failure is part of life experiences
It’s only a problem when you remain in it
Always try again

Being perfect is a goal
No one has achieved yet
Just keep at what you do
The more you practice the better you become

In your pursuit for success
Also seek relevance
Earn your respect
Be a model

Know your strength
Leverage on it
Know your weakness
Work on it

Never look down on anyone’s struggle
Never belittle anyone’s sweat
Never rubbish anyone’s idea
Life is give and take

Treat people right
Respect people’s opinions
Be kind to everyone
Give room for offences

Never trust any man
Never depend on any man as your source
Man at his best will still be human
God is your source

Be honest
Honesty is honesty
It’s either you are honest or you are not
Integrity will keep you

Time is of essence
It has no friend
It waits for no one
Use it wisely

Money is good
Make money
Use money
Lord over money
And not money over you

Know your limits
Have your boundaries
Know when to say yes
Learn to say no too
No is equally as good as yes

Your company matters in life
Good friends are a treasure
Keep them
Cherish them

What you spend your time on
What you invest in
Will show
It’s a matter of time

Networking is important
As important as your net worth
Build it
Use it

Aspire for the top
Learn from those ahead
Respect them
Honor them

Do not burn the ladder when you climb
Do not cut the bridge when you cross
Do not quench the fire when you lit 
Do not destroy the hands that fed you 

Help  people
Build capacity
Train others
Help others grow

Have your opinion
Stand for what you believe
Don’t always go with the crowd
They won’t always be right

The blatant truth is
Everyone won’t like you
Promises won’t always be kept
Friends won’t always come around

No matter how hard you try
Loved ones won’t always believe you
Acquaintances won’t always patronize you
It’s not about what you did

Accept criticism
Be patient with those who don’t understand
Ignore negative energies
Embrace positive vibes you will always need them

Have time for yourself
Rest is important
Sleep is very important
Know when to shut down

Love yourself
Forgive yourself
Treat your body right
Eat right

Believe your intuition
Trust your instinct
Understand your feelings
Be sensitive

Be humble
Be wise
Be prudent
Be Contented

Never mortgage you joy
For another’s happiness
Be at peace with yourself
And with all men

Love is a mystery
But beautiful when found
True love exist
Follow your heart

Live life to the fullest
Have fun
Hang out
See the world

Give to what you believe
Fund a course
Give to the needy
Help the poor

Respect the land where you live
Contribute to nation building
Obey the rules of the land
Be patriotic

Love God
Put God first
Always go back to God
He has the blueprint of your life

This I called Mama's Life Code

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


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