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From a heart of gratitude Lord Grateful for the blessings I guarded so close Grateful for the ones I took for granted Grateful for the ones seen Grateful for the ones skipped Grateful for the ones not seen From a sincere heart From a grateful Me Thank you Lord!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Faith is built Truth is revealed When I feast daily on God's Word
I listen I hear I listen again My spirit hears My spirit sees My spirit believes  My spirit speaks what it sees Firm trust in the truth That God’s Word Is sure and true
I believe I speak I act In obedience Looking unto Jesus Cause He that has promised is faithful
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


I pledge to a healthy life style To listen to my heart always To guard it with love To protect it from harm I pledge to eat the right meals In the right proportions At the right time With lots of fruits And vegetables And lots of healthy drinks I pledge to exercise regularly And to have adequate rest I pledge to stay off stress And to do the much I can per time I pledge to happiness And peace of mind I pledge to control my emotions To stay off strife and bitterness I pledge to regular routine checks So help me Lord All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


My heart your heart Our little loving tender hearts Giving and taking in love
Pumping life all the time We guide it and guard it My healthy heart Your healthy heart We keep a healthy heart We stay happy We eat healthy We keep fit We rest well We take our checks  It helps our hearts pump well Makes a healthy you and I And a healthy love we share
Happy World Heart Day!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Weekends are party times When we go dancing And wining And dining...
Weekends are family times When we go bonding And sharing And visiting...
Weekends are friend times When we go chatting And seeing And catching up...
Weekends are fun times When we go playing And cruising And cheering...
Weekends are fit times When we go swimming And walking And running...
Weekends are fix times When we go laundering And cleaning And fitting...

Weekends are timeouts When we go resting And relaxing
And refreshing...
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Long time ago The young sat And sang While the old nodded their heads In harmony A victory song
The sang loud All alliance heard Of how we won Our freedom
Now same song Is sung freely Listen along Learn the song In full Sing along
No one is silent All singing Willing to sing on And on As long as it is done freely  And in harmony The winning song The song of victory All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


I am a super mom Don’t ask me where Or ask me when Don’t ask me how Just wear my shoes And have my hands And use my eyes And my ears And my voice And my body Also my brain And my strength On a daily basis Then you know why I choose to celebrate myself As a super mom I am a Super Mom!!!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


It's Throwback Thursday(TBT)😊 and my TBT goes to the first poem I ever sharedπŸ‘© I am a woman
An expression of God’s Love
A show piece of His Excellence
The last of His Creation
His master plan for Companionship
I am a woman
A helper, multiplier, builder
A trainer, teacher, instructor 
A keeper, caregiver, 
A manager, an organizer
I am a woman
I am blessed and loving
I am warm and beautiful
I am graceful, humble and kind
I am prudent, industrious and wise
I am hard and smart working 
I am a solution provider
I am a woman
I am not a weak vessel
I am not a punching bag
I am not useless
I am not a waster
I am not lazy
I am not a problem
I am not less a human
I am not a failure
I am a woman and I say NO to Violence Against Women
I SAY IT, I MEAN IT and I STAND BY IT SAY NO to Violence Against Women, MEAN IT and STAND BY IT. All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2016


Through precepts Story preserved And passed down Of triumph well treasured Victory so value It’s worth and cost Freedom fought for Heroes who stood for it And heroes who fell for it How the shackles where shattered The bleed and the plead The treads and the treaties The Valiant and the vanquish Pass down to you Put in your hands What have you done To maintain and sustain this freedom I see it gradually washed Washed away By the flood of strife I see it gradually swept Swept away  By the wind of deception You stretch your hands And that of your fellow countrymen again To same shackles of slavery You were liberated from For your vain gain Gain of the moment Think again Think!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Guiding Light Guide my little heart Ignite it Lord And help me shine
Guiding Light Guide my longing thoughts Show me the truth And help me walk in it
Guiding Light Shine on my path Show me the way And help me follow
Guiding Light Guide my decisions Shine on my doings And make me a true reflection of You
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Freshness fill and active beginning After a long well-rested and fun filled holiday As we get back to our morning running routine Great anticipations Solos and songs of expectations As we get into this new phase All set and eager to explore  And adventure into greater learning experiences Thoughts and talks of new classes New friends, teachers and instructors Expression of fears tickling in as we get set Hush!!! All will be fine All for your good The school bus shows up Excitedly they run off But deep down in me Are parts of me whom I have bonded with Passionately this period Being taken away by necessity As they run off to go become Ones in whom I one day Would be proud I bore and bred Smiles as the school bus zoom With the happy singing lovelies While I sink into the day’s activity Awaiting their pleasant return Into this welcoming arms of mama. All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


With Mornings mark the beginning Of a new day With newness comes freshness With freshness comes strength With strength comes alertness With alertness comes readiness With readiness comes willingness
Achieve all you set to do Touching lives In your special way Making life more meaningful While making a living Being true And living real
It’s a beautiful morning It time to start again Great week ahead All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


The winning one is that person who weans himself of an unpleasant yesterday and welcomes today with an open heart and attitude to win.
Life owes you nothing when you choose to remain bitter over failed attempt at success but owes you fulfillment when you dust off the debris of failure and starting gain.
Waiting for who will lift you after a fall may keep you on the floor for longer time. Get up, do it fast and start again. No one share a dance floor with failure. 
© Stella C. Obokoh


At the cross  He took it all His pain and shame  Became my gain His stripes  Brought me healing And health And wholesomeness
He’s still same today He heals He repairs He restores He gives strength  He makes whole  Still same healing Jesus
Doing good
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Pass me the ice cream bowl
Hand me the chocolate bars
Let me have some cookies too Add some tasty cupcakes  A pie and a burgers too
Chips and chicken would be nice  Barbecue would be wow  
Not to worry
Never mind I’m sure to burn the calories  Come Monday But for now