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He faces his woes He faces his fears He faces his tough time He faces his challenges Let him be a man
He has his weaknesses He has this strength He has societal pressures to tackle He has economic pressures to deal with He has been beaten by goals not met Please let him be a man
He has a wife to love He has children to care for He has a home to go back to He has his parents to take care of He has his extended family looking up to him He has his society to impact Please let him be a man
He has his friends to hang out with He has his foes to contend with He has his boss to face He has his colleges to team up with He has his targets to meet Please let him be a man
He has his goals in life He has his aspirations He has his life He has his taste Let him be a man


What battles have this day for me What fights do I need to face What realities do I need to deal with What heights are there for me to climb What great things have this day for me
Gather your strength Gather your will Gather your forte Gather your holds It’s time to move
No time for pity No time to slack Not time to be weak But to be strong And be tough
Face this day As it comes With all it’s got In all you do Have a win  A good win
Have a great day And an impactful week ahead ©Stella C. Obokoh 2018


One thing
My sincere desire
Dear to me
I long to keep
As long as forever
A beautiful heart
Made of gold
Made for love
Made for me
My soulmate
My best friend
Together forever

© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


We never saw What he saw It made no sense What he said We saw no gain We raised our voice Rained on him
He stood by it He took the risk Hit the deal Went digging Went searching Until he struck The winning mine
First a trickle Then a gush It surged and rushed Now we hail For his gain What he saw We never saw
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Break the chains of negativity 
The jinx of average 
The bounds of tradition 
Why toe the same old way
Blinded by conformity
Why defend commonness
When there is a niche called uniqueness
Lose the shackles of rigidity
That stifles you
Break forth
Be free
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


I search to find Where the lines meet I check to see What equivalent it is When opinions are dished To the yearning soul of one One whose questions are Unanswered to the issues of life Which besiege him everyday Even now Like a barricade Yet on a parallel Searching to find its end Unending search Search for answers To the unending quest Quest for fulfillment
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Had a very busy day, packed up and was about leaving when I had an argument in the reception. It was Dara’s voice and an unknown voice. I heard to listen to understand what exactly the noise was about. “If you do not let me see her, what happens after now would be your fault.” I heard her appealing to him to come back the next day. With the level of desperation I heard in his voice, I opened the door ajar to see who it was and possible let him in. ‘Dara please allow him’. He gave Dara that stern look as he walked pass her and stepped into my office.
Good evening Sir. Sorry about that it’s just that we had closed for the day. But whatever it is, I apologize, you are here now. “Thank you Madam. Hope you will give me a listening ear. I needed a place to pour my heart even if it is the last thing I do before death takes me away. Let it be on record that I voiced out. Please madam, let me speak. I know I came late but please give me your ears.” Okay Sir you have it, as I took a deep breath …


No one clothes me With much love Like You do

Times when I feel down When I find it difficult And find no reasons To love myself Your  unfailing love Lifts me  And clothes me
With such perfect love
That never fails

Thank you Lord For your unfailing love
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Let’s just disappear
Let this wind of emotions
Take us far away
In a flit flash snap
To an Island we would like
Far from the cranky cries of our little us
And the starring eyes of things yet to be done
And the crazy calls of other attentions
Sit under the swaying palm trees
While we listen to nature whistle
Sweet melodies
And enjoying the freshness of the sea 
And its wind
Blow away every stress
Just having fun
Just the two of us
Romantic getaway 
Together forever
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


You chose to bear a faceless identity A coward you are You failed Face me if you can Let me see you face If you are truthful Why hide in the dark Why hit from the rear Try to halt a harmless course Why stab from the crowd You laugh now But hear this I will overcome That I am too sure And the garment of shame You will always wear
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


The sun glares Shining on the shores The children screaming for joy It’s time to play
We can play now Let’s go Didi Let’s go Jojo Let’s have fun
We will jump as high as we can We will run as fast as we can We will play the much we can Let’s have much fun
My leg hurts I can’t climb or run It hurts so badly But I want to have fun
Oh Didi won’t play His leg hurts Can we be of help to him He needs fun too
Yes we can Not to worry Didi Jojo and I are here for you We will be your help
Let’s go friends Friends today Friends in need Friends indeed  Friends forever © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


My plan to take it out on you You quashed Your soft calm reply Melted my heart Crushed the bile Quenched the fury Rolled the anger  Cheered me up Made me smile Then I listened Priceless virtue Friends forever
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


“Don’t sound like it is important to you mama. You never wanted to; don’t tell me stories again mama” in what seemed like a fierce warning as she stormed out of the room to a quiet place, where she could rend her heart in tears. I have been denied another opportunity to live my dreams.
My family had its fair share of challenges but we were happy people. I grew in a home where things weren’t really rosy but we could manageably afford daily meals and could go to school. Until that dark afternoon when death struck and papa the breadwinner was gone. I and my siblings were left to be catered for by my petty trader mother. At the break of the sad news, friends and family members where everywhere with promises of supports and care but immediately the dead was buried, they all fizzled into their tents.  And we were faced with the true music of poverty.
School fees and house rents became a major challenge that gave mama high blood pressure. Whenever these times approached she became a sad heart …


Group of concerned fellows Sat to judge And analyze On a story they only heard On a shoe they never wore Faced the side of the coin they saw And castigated the side they could not reach
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Sometimes I am gripped with fear
Fear of what the future holds
Fear of how far I can go
Fear of the realities that beholds my eyes
When cares and worries of this life
Tries to steal my heart away

All I do is cast my burdens on Him
Tell Him exactly how I feel
Pour my heart the way it hurts
Pray His will until am full
Then let His peace envelop me
Great assurance I have in God

I walk away
Free from the worries
My joy returns
My peace restored
My strength renewed
Cos He cares for me
© Stella C. Obokoh 2018