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He faces his woes He faces his fears He faces his tough time He faces his challenges Let him be a man He has his weaknesses He has this strength He has societal pressures to tackle He has economic pressures to deal with He has been beaten by goals not met Please let him be Continue Reading


What battles have this day for me What fights do I need to face What realities do I need to deal with What heights are there for me to climb What great things have this day for me Gather your strength Gather your will Gather your forte Gather your holds It’s time to move No Continue Reading


One thingMy sincere desireDear to meI long to keepAs long as foreverA beautiful heartMade of goldMade for loveMade for meMy soulmateMy best friendTogether forever© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Break the chains of negativity  The jinx of average  The bounds of tradition  Why toe the same old way Blinded by conformity Why defend commonness When there is a niche called uniqueness Lose the shackles of rigidity That stifles you Break forth Standout Be free © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


I search to find Where the lines meet I check to see What equivalent it is When opinions are dished To the yearning soul of one One whose questions are Unanswered to the issues of life Which besiege him everyday Even now Like a barricade Yet on a parallel Searching to find its end Unending Continue Reading


No one clothes me With much love Like You do Times when I feel down When I find it difficult And find no reasons To love myself Your  unfailing love Lifts me  And clothes meWith such perfect loveThat never fails Thank you Lord For your unfailing love© Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Let’s just disappear Let this wind of emotions Take us far away In a flit flash snap To an Island we would like Far from the cranky cries of our little us And the starring eyes of things yet to be done And the crazy calls of other attentions Sit under the swaying palm trees Continue Reading


You chose to bear a faceless identity A coward you are You failed Face me if you can Let me see you face If you are truthful Why hide in the dark Why hit from the rear Try to halt a harmless course Why stab from the crowd You laugh now But hear this I Continue Reading