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He cringed
As one in deep pain
Yes he was in pain
Pangs of hunger
Had a good crunch on him
Cos the black tinted SUV
Whose sliding glass
At his point
Every sunrise
Was a meal ticket
For the day
Took a different route
To make him miss his ‘benevolence’
Appreciate more his 'kind gesture'
Like one who won a jackpot
The next time he slides
In a land with much
So much to go round

But when he’s told You deserve more Than the crumbs Thrown to you That sliding glass Has in it no good for you Than the fragments Given to you Like an outcast In your own land He yells furiously Ready for fight
When he's told  What they do Make rights privileges Make life tough Make it stiffer Let them grind Even roast Let them thirst Give them drops Some sort of succor  They will dance And celebrate Then become supporters


Hail you Brainy and smart Feisty and a goal getter Energetic and strategic  Determined not deterring
Yes you are You work so hard Earning all you can Getting all you can Doing all you can
Truly you are Solving problems Meeting needs Creating wealth Breaking limits
Notice here reads Health Alert!!! Checking for signals Working to death? Take a break
Work to live  And live to work another day Balance is the real deal Show yourself much love Much more for another day
Self-love Self-crush Self-care Health first!!!

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Let this music play Igniting the moment Let this dance  Express sizzling affection Let it melt our hearts away
Let this music play Let us swing and dance To its beats Free our minds to a good feast Let the tune play romance
Let the music play While we dance to its strings Let its chord stir our hearts Till we dance to spurt Snugged in warmth of ourselves Together forever All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Onyemachi Three score and ten Still ticking Still kicking
Onyemachi In whose hands was it To say or know The fate of this fruit
Onyemachi The tender palm tree Who knew better Than the planter
Onyemachi The planter’s preserved From wild plants Ready to choke
Onyemachi The planter's conserved From whirlwind Ready to uproot
Onyemachi The tree that stood Fruited and yielded


STARINSCRIPTIONS is currently accepting poems, short stories and essays from young writers between the ages of 8 and 18 for it's "Young Writers Column" solely dedicated to publishing the works of young writers. The goal is to encourage and to help them grow.
NOTE 1.Your work must be original and captivating. No plagiarism.
2. All submissions must be written in English.
3.The writer retains Copyright of every work submitted. 
4.Submission is not an automatic acceptance, if need be work(s) may be returned to the author for modifications.
5.Multiple submission is allowed. 6.Along with your submission, add a brief bio and a phone contact
To be a part of this, submit your work(s) to We would definitely be glad to read and publish your work.

Remember creative minds don’t sleep. Get busy. Let your creative pen bleed...

COUNTLESS By Mweni Chola(Zambia)

Let me just say it was love at first sight;
He was--the perfect Prince charming.
If there's anything better than a fairy tale,
then he definitely belonged there.

I was captivated by his physique
His body I instantly fail for

I was just a  teenage  high school girl
And my best friends had sugar daddies 
Who gave them everything my
father failed to give my mother
When he was around.
So when I saw this, man he was definitely my catch.

I admit,
He was 3 times my age,
Had a wife, and children
His last born was above my age
but I could care less.

I was ready  to give him every bit of my body
Every beat of my heart

FROM HERE TO ENTITY By Peter Mwale(Zambia)

I stand in front of two gates; And now I must decide my fate.
My feet are itching for the wide gate, But my heart is screaming for that with panes so narrow.
I see them rushing to the wide gate-many; But none at the narrow one.
Get this, I hate to be different But destruction I cannot get. 'Cause what's behind that gate; By mind cannot comprehend.
My feet are itching for the wide gate But my heart is screaming for the narrow.
My heart is screaming for the narrow gate, 'Cause what's behind that gate, I must get.

NIGERIA MY MOTHERLAND By Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw

Fikayo as we fondly call her is a warm and intelligent girl to be with. She is nine(9) years old and and in Grade 5.This young child has simply pour her concerns concerning our great country Nigeria in this poem.  Please don’t forget to drop your comments when you read her piece as she would be happy to read you feedback.

Oh great Nigeria! Oh great people of Nigeria! Oh great citizens! Why don’t we let Nigeria become a better place? Why do we keep killing our fellow brothers and sisters? Oh why is there war, bloodshed, sickness, poverty? I turn left I see people dying of poverty and sickness I turn right I see people fighting and killing others Who would find solution to all these? And by that we can become a greater nation, people and citizens
© Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw 2018


Before it gets busy With the rains of goodwill Blessings and prayers like flood Let me drop my lines so swift 
Life is a gift worth celebrating Every moment and day we breathe But this day stands out Cause it is your special day
As you flip to this new page of life May it be stroked with peace and joy Inked with lots of love Beautified with heights and feats
May your lines be grace with success Colored with paints of victory Scripted with moments of delight Inscriptions filled with glow
Happy Birthday Eddylove!!!
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018