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As we journey  into this new year May our lives be filled with  joy and laughter Remarkable growths and Progress Successes and attainments May our dreams come through Happy Prosperous New Year  from all of us @


Traveled through the days The weeks and months It was a great ride A notable one Time to alight
Some roads were smooth and jolly Some were narrow and risky Some were rough and grubby Some were hilly and bumpy Some were valley and gully
Not without the times of flat tires Bumper bashing Rude traffic jams Stops at service stations Mechanic maintenance
The moments at U turns Sharp bends T and Y junctions Cross roads Roundabouts
Some days were slows and draggy Moderate and normal Racing and sprinting Wild and reckless Cautious and careful
There were days of cloudy and rainy rides Muddy and flood rides Dusty and hazy rides


What began like a trickle of idea Became reality You all made it happen Thank you for clicking Thank you for reading Thank you for commenting Thank you for sharing Thank you for critiquing Thank you for believing in us Thank you for being there for us Thank you for making our 2018 memorable We love you our Esteemed Readers
From all of us


The year is ending and many people would start again with New Year resolution wahala. All fine if it works for you. After all, there is nothing wrong in resolving to become a better you. But my question is; must it be at the beginning of the year you determine to do thing right or is there a special momentum you gather on the 1st of every January you don't get other times. Anyway that is by the way. New Year resolution maganas are strictly personal affairs to me.
A lot of times we preach and advocate for peace and forgiveness, harmony and love. “Forgive those who have wronged you”, “move on”, “show them love” “unforgiveness and bitterness kills” we go on and on. No dispute to this, they are all true sayings. But have we noticed how some people deliberately wrong and hurt others especially among believers for their selfish interest and go practically scot-free. In few cases where courage is summoned to address the main issues (because most times the real root of the matter is not ad…


Housed in a container Moved in it Identified by its aesthetics But sometimes lost in it Who exactly am I the container or the content
Sometimes I try so hard to figure exactly what it is about this combo Sometimes complicating other times compelling sometimes conflicting other times cooperating
Influenced by the countless conversations with  the inner and the  outer the seen and the unseen the known and the unknown Then I discover It goes beyond this container there is something about content
As adorned as this container maybe embellished with so much beauty the content remains the substance that give it credibility Beyond the container that interacts is the content that keeps the flow is the content that leaves  memorable impacts
All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


I got a big box From a precious Friend With a tag  "COMPLETE". The box looked so beautiful I couldn’t wait to open. When I did, My heart leaped I saw in it  many packs wrapped in choicest glittering ornaments,  with an instruction “SHARE WITH ALL” so I chose to share with YOU.
In it I found Love Jo


Let the Spirit of love, joy and peace fill our hearts and light up our homes with much cheers and happiness as we share our moments in this beautiful season Merry Christmas from all of us

MERRY CHRISTMAS by David O. Obokoh

Merry Christmas Bells ring Lights sparkle Every Christmas Everyone is smiling Everyone I know Loves Christmas Everyone is happy Jesus is born Merry Christmas © David O. Obokoh 2018

CHRISTMAS!!! by Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas I smell and feel it in the air Even the atmosphere changes There is something so unique about Christmas I cannot tell, It is different from every other celebration or festival I know or have heard about. It is about the remembrance of the birth of the savior of the world, who has come in unique form and doing wondrous things Christmas also comes with gifting and showing love Christmas comes with special colors that blend so well I can see why it is worth celebrating. © Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw 2018


We celebrate this day The birth of a phenomenal King Not of the crown of men But of a celestial throne We celebrate Christmas Cos beyond the divine conception The birth and manger story The gifts and merry Was a rescue plan And a mission accomplished
Redemption!!! All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Veggie vendor When you pass by the neighborhood Please blare loud Let us know So we can buy Some for the boys Some for the girls Some for mom Some for dad Some for the old Some for the young Veggie veggie all the way All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018


Watching through my window Greeted by the full moon Gracing the earth in its grandeur Let my thoughts sway freely On the glory of the night
The gray beam of the season When the ray Is a smile of insight And the gray A voice wisdom
Now the day is here We are deep caught in vigor Of the day seasons And the fears of the night That comes inevitably
Remember, the night season Won’t always be in the dark Or marked in dreads


Hello!!! Can you hear me? Please help!!!
Help this dying heart

Walked the path of darkness Known the deepness of the pit of dejection Soaked in the slippery mud of depression Walked on the stony lane of despair Felt the deep bleed of distress Down, down, down, it keeps sinking
Close my eyes and wish I am gone Done all I can but too down to rise Lost my grips too low to fight Buried in grieve too sad to see
The more I try to help myself
The worst it throws at me
Help!!! Please help!!! Someone please help!!! This is too much for me to bear
Arise!!! Look up!!! Help is here!!!
I am the light that conquers darkness Take my hand and I will lift you up I took your pain and stains I paid your price long ago
Come, come learn of Me Drop your burdens and take my rest
Trust, trust in Me Lay it on me, what it is and how you feel
Walk, walk with Me  And I will make you light
I am JESUS the savior of the world