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To an amazing Brother

you may not know how special you are to me the brother I can wakeup anytime of the day with any crazy ideas you are so caring and would always look out for me you are creative and hardworking you can also be a stubborn and worrying lastie today and always I pray that your Continue Reading

May I Not

may I not ruin today what is meant for my gain tomorrow may I not take steps today that will be my doom tomorrow may I not despise glimpse today what will be my bloom tomorrow may I not look back tomorrow and regret my actions of today ©️Stella C. Obokoh


Pallet of variety Shades of beauty Gracing the sky so high In this season of abundance When the heavens pour The earth drips freshness I saw the printing The charming creative finesse of the invisible hand An alluring crescent Wowing beauty of nature Reminding us that In a bunch of varieties lies the beauty of Continue Reading

Our Voices

It was their ploy We made it our choice Sold our voices and mocked any solo who stood for what was right Today it sucks We want to speak and wish to be heard But grind beneath our breath Because we have no voice ©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2020