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20 10 2020

Must we always bleed every time we say Enough? Must the earth soak the blood of the innocent every time we stand for our right? What was our crime ? We came in peace We sat in peace We raised our flags We sang our hearts Words of freedom the anthem that bound us in Continue Reading

Birthday Wishes to Jojo

grow each day strengthen your wings fly as high as you want light the world with your touch while being JOJO Happy Birthday Son Jojo You are special and unique You bring a different flare to our home We love and bless you today and always Happy Birthday Son

No to Brutality

No! We say No we’ve bled enough streams of blood gushed on our ground the crushed cries our mothers weep our fathers groan which should be forgotten? the pain of incubation, or the process of nurturing or the promise of hope cut short – wasted at prime by the absurd trigger freaks or the tortures Continue Reading

You are you

Stilettos or trainers Lipstick or lipgloss Polish or hardener Pants or skirts Sleeves or capes Perfume or cologne Weaves or cuts Ivy or rose You are unique You are special You are exquisite. ©️Stella C. Obokoh 2020

Girl Fear

sleep,wake, sleep – every day, I slumber and wake, walk the streets, live in fear of what could happen culled when it’s a chance not given an opportunity to try my fear of night terrors cleaning me out for dessert my fear of being stifled off my tender budding life fear of seeing my oppressor Continue Reading