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COUNTLESS By Mweni Chola(Zambia)

Let me just say it was love at first sight;
He was–the perfect Prince charming.
If there’s anything better than a fairy tale,
then he definitely belonged there.

I was captivated by his physique
His body I instantly fail for

I was just a  teenage  high school girl
And my best friends had sugar daddies 
Who gave them everything my
father failed to give my mother
When he was around.
So when I saw this, man he was definitely my catch.

I admit,
He was 3 times my age,
Had a wife, and children
His last born was above my age
but I could care less.

I was ready  to give him every bit of my body
Every beat of my heart
So I best believed we were meant to be.

He gave me luxury beyond what my mother earned
Throughout 59 years of her life, 
I opened up for him physically.
I mean,
I gave him personal satisfaction.

The satisfaction I failed to give
my school certificate.
I never got to have one
I killed many babies for his sake

He was man enough to lay me
down on his bed in his house; 
So the abortions in our
relationship were countless.

I could count less at least he gave me cash
that gave me counting  problems.
But time came when this  one refused to die;
I used every method but NO.

As I speak to you from  down here (hell)
This same one,
As I tried to abort him,
he actually aborted my life and
I tell you, it’s not pretty down here.

© Mweni Chola 2018

NB: the poem is not the true depiction of the poetess’s life, but merely a piece trying to teach a lesson–a moral lesson.

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