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Rolling the wheels
Round and round
Again and again
Through the circles
Same rails and reels of memories
That keeps bumping and bulging
During every meaningful conversation
Every dialogue with inner self
How far can this go
Self serenity eluded
Shredding the pitches and patches
Baggage and burdens
Weights and hefts
Of unsettled misadventures
Unfortunate misfortunes
With its claws of grief and anguish
Trolling and trailing
Luring and lingering
Blurring any view of pretty prospects
While trying to discern a path out
In deliberate desired discuss 
But dragged

Gear up
Take a swift lift
Rapid swap
Speed switch
Shake off  the debris 
Off that ruin that zoom to doom
Yes you can
Let go the past
Yes you can
Take a leap
Start again

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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