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From a grateful heart
From a heart that cannot be silent
From a heart that has seen things happen
From a joyful heart
From a blessed heart
For all You have done
Gave me life
Gave me hope
Brought me this far
Showed me the true meaning of living
Changed my story
You have shown me mercy
Clothed me with love
Adorned me with beauty
Graced me with gifts
Showered me with blessings

Favored me on every side 
What more can I say
The rhythm of my song is to You
The melody of my heart is to You
The lifting of my hands is to You
The rolling of my dance is to You
My praise is to You
My thanksgiving is to You
The maker of the heavens and the earth
My creator
My Heavenly Father
Thank you Father

All Rights Reserved © Stella C. Obokoh 2018

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