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Missing Socks Agenda

Hello everyone! Its weekend already. How has your week been? Hope you achieved your goals for the week, learnt something new or did a usual routine in a different way?

Some few lessons I learnt from this week are;

1. Sometimes you win in the places you least expected quick wins and sometimes you loose in the places you thought would be your sure win. You can’t be too sure you have it all under control.

2. I learnt never to underestimate any channel. You never can tell how much you can get from trickles until you begin to gather them.

3. I learnt that your ability is only as relevant as it is needed at a time. Consistency is the refiner that keeps you ability relevant for a longer time.

In the other news😎

Something is bothering me and I really need help. I know same goes for some of us too. Please whoever have found solution to this problem should please help us biko🙏.

How do you handle socks matters in your home? I mean children socks. School have resumed and we have started again😱🤭. They way they keep disappearing in my house, I think there is an invisible Pac-Man that gulps it😀.

You take your time to pair socks; within a short time, you can’t find many. When you eventually find some, they are single legs. I have many single socks that I don’t know what to do with them.

The matter dey tire me. Abeg if you have solution, help a sister. No be joke😄.

Happy a lovely weekend💜

©️Stella C. Obokoh 2021

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