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NIGERIA MY MOTHERLAND By Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw

Fikayo as we fondly call her is a warm and intelligent girl to be with. She is nine(9) years old and and in Grade 5. This young child has simply pour her concerns concerning our great country Nigeria in this poem.  Please don’t forget to drop your comments when you read her piece as she would be happy to read you feedback.

Oh great Nigeria!
Oh great people of Nigeria!
Oh great citizens!
Why don’t we let Nigeria become a better place?
Why do we keep killing our fellow brothers and sisters?
Oh why is there war, bloodshed, sickness, poverty?
I turn left I see people dying of poverty and sickness
I turn right I see people fighting and killing others
Who would find solution to all these?
And by that we can become a greater nation, people and citizens

© Fikunayomi S. Turner-Shaw 2018

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