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I needed to fix my wristwatches, so I walked into the shop where I bought one of them. I met this beautiful lady who fixed it within seconds. Out of excitement that she could fix and polish a watch within such a short time, I asked if she fixes watches from other makes. Prior to this time I had gone to a few shops to fix one of my watches and I was told I needed to change the engine. She said yes and got to work on it immediately. Shorter than she did on her brand, my watch started working. So, I got talking with her immediately. I wanted to know what she did that others didn’t know or do.  Guess what she said to me “I never planned to stay in this company this long but when I couldn’t get my desired job including leaving the country, I had to go beyond selling watches. I had to pay money to go and learn how to repair watches. I also train myself regularly. As I speak to you there is no wristwatch I cannot repair. Repairing wristwatches has put more money in my pocket than salary. It has brought me lots of goodwill. I am happy when I am able to fix complicated ones. My interest has changed since I started fixing watches. Even my boss respects me for doing that.”
Little beginnings are the bedrocks for a great tomorrow. Give your beginning an inspiring story.
Be the best at what you do today. It could be your test for greater responsibilities.

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