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You owe no one apology or explanation for living your means

If you work hard to earn your monies, you have no business spending it on frivolities to prove some needless points.There is no need putting yourself under such pressure. It’s not worth the trouble. In fact it is foolishness allowing yourself to be pressurised into spending when you do not want to.

Any time your circle no longer accepts you for living within your means, is a good time to leave and change your circle. They do not have your good at heart. They will keep you in perpetual setback. Don’t bleed your finances to death because you want to be seen and perceived to belong to some class; while you are struggling to meet up.

Living above your means will only mess up your finances, throw you into debts and loans. You never get to have enough because as monies come, you will always service debt. Living within your means is contentment.

Some of us have in our closets things we didn’t have to buy. We just bought them because “everyone” was buying so we also bought. That you can afford it or it’s in vogue, doesn’t mean you need it. Before you buy that shoe, bag, cloth, wig…, ask yourself what exactly you need it for, is it neccessary, do I have an alternative, must it be this particular brand…? Stop wasting investable funds that can yield good returns in the nearest future on things that will only give you momentary joy. Why would you spend so much to buy a shoe for a wedding you are only a guest and after the wedding you can’t wear it again because the colour is off.

There is time for everything. Learn to defer gratification. Sow your seeds now and have what to reap tomorrow. Be disciplined about it. Time will come when you will have enough and over to fund your desired lifestyle of you pay the price today.

Don’t let anyone’s cajole get you into of feeling bad for not having their standard of “enough” to spend or allow them get you to explaining why you are living within your means. Honestly it is not their business. You owe no one that explaination or apology.

No need investing and funding what sets you back when you should be moving forward.

Be wise. Be prudent. Be financially intelligent. Invest wisely.

©️ Stella C. Obokoh 2021

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